Thanks for the support. Joule is closing down for now.

Tired of long, unproductive commutes?

Travel to work comfortably with Joule, a luxury commuter shuttle that will deliver you from your neighborhood to Harbor Point at 1310 Point St.



Commuting costs the average Baltimore worker $600- $850 per month with gas, maintenance, and parking. Joule costs $200 per month.


Joule provides comfortable seating, wi-fi, and a high-end private service. Spend time relaxing instead of fighting Baltimore’s traffic.


Get a jump on emails or stream videos and relax using Joule’s high-speed wi-fi. Get dropped off directly at work.


If you need to drive in, occasionally stay late, or leave suddenly for an emergency, we’ll cover expenses up to twice a month.


Sign up by March 10th for the month of April!

Joule is a pilot service offering a shuttle to Baltimore.

We’re growing quickly, sign up to suggest a new route or times and receive updates!

F. A. Q.

Can I get a refund if I opt out of using the service during any month?

If you opt out during the free-trial, you will not be charged for the following month. If you opt-out during a month you paid for, you will not be refunded any amount and you won’t be charged for the following month.

Are there Terms of Use to participate in the program?

We expect to have Terms of Use that the participants will need to accept but as of the time of this posting they have not been finalized as we need to determine the level of interest before finalizing all program details.

When will I be charged?

You will pay for the next month’s service on the 10th of the month prior. For example, payment for June will be due May 10th.

What should I do about my current parking?

Try the shuttle for the first week and, if you love it (you will), feel free to cancel your parking spot for the duration of the pilot.

If you want to cancel your parking during the Joule pilot, you will do that directly through WageWorks or your parking provider. Keep in mind if you use WageWorks, you must make changes prior to the 10th day of the month prior. For example, if you wish to cancel parking in WageWorks for April, you must do so prior to March 10th.

How much does the shuttle cost?

The pilot program will be a flat fee of $200 per month. You will pay directly, not through Wage Works at this time.

What if I need to get home outside of the normal hours of operation in case of an emergency?

If you need a ride home in the middle of the day, or you need to drive in and park one day, we will expense you for up to two of these actions during the duration of the pilot. You will need to pay using your personal credit card (NOT your company card) at the time of the transaction, and you can choose the provider (e.g. Uber, taxi, etc.) or parking facility of your choice. Email a copy or picture of your receipt to You will then be reimbursed via a Visa gift card for the exact amount, which can be used same as cash.

Do I need to reserve a seat?

Yes! You should sign up now to reserve your place in the program.

We are also working on a new seating reservation platform platform so you can change your shuttle time on a day-to-day basis.

When is the commuter shuttle operating?

Please refer to the schedule on the homepage for shuttle times. You can choose morning and evening departures separately.

Where will the commuter shuttle pick up in my area?

There are pick-up/drop-off locations in Bel Air, located at local Park and Rides. The Park and Rides offer free parking and are managed by Harford County.

Where are the commuter routes?

We currently have routes in Bel-Air, Joppa, and Perryville. Elicott City and Towson are coming soon!

However, if there is enough interest and support, additional routes may be added. You have a voice in the location of future routes. Please pre-register now to indicate your interest in Joule coming to your area.